Technology To Stand The Test Of Time

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AMS circuit board

As the future becomes the present, the evolving technology of the vending industry creates new revenue opportunities and capability for vending companies to engage consumers who may never have considered a vendor product in the past.

At AMS, we understand that the customer experience is more important than ever which makes the reliability of our exclusive Sensit Technology an industry differentiator. Every one of our versatile vendors features the patented Sensit guaranteed product delivery system. Extended helix rotation and an infrared beam enable these rugged yet economical vendors to offer guaranteed delivery or the customer’s money is returned.

Taking this technology one step further, EnergySensit is also installed on those AMS vendors which do not dispense perishable products. It provides programmable cost savings by reducing energy use. Temperatures are allowed to rise during proven inactive times, creating a considerable energy savings and cost savings to our vendor customers.




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