Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Buy A Vending Machine?

Our normal policy is to sell through distribution. Find your local distributor. If you would like to speak directly with an AMS representative about buying a vendor, visit our contact

Do You Custom Build Vendors?

Yes, to a certain extent. The tray configuration and styling of AMS vendors can be customized. However, we only offer certain size widths and depths. All vendors are 72” tall.

Who Can I Get to Service the Vending Machine?

The distributor, from whom the vendor was purchased should be your first line of service. This is true for both parts and warranties.

I Bought My Vending Machine Second Hand, Whom Should I Call for Service?

In this case your local distributor is the best choice. Find your local distributor.

Is My Vending Machine Under Warranty?

AMS vendors have a factory warranty of one to three years depending on the part. The warranty is serviced through your local distributor.

Can I Buy My Parts Direct?

Parts must be purchased from a distributor. AMS can drop ship parts directly, but the order and billing must go through a distributor.

How Can I Purchase An AMS Vendor Outside the US?

AMS is represented all over the world. Find your international distributor.

How Can I Get A Service and Parts Manual?

Service and Parts manuals are available for download.

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