AMS recommends that all five programs be downloaded to your SD card. Review the usable and non-usable micro SD card lists.

The small program that starts the sequence of loading a program into RAM, is known as a boot loader. From time to time, in order to add new features to the S3 control board, this will need to be upgraded as well. Some of the problems fixed with newer versions of boot load include better recognition of SD cards, and ability to read the .BI2 file format, instead of .BIN. Some of the earliest S3 control boards will need to have the boot loader upgraded in order to function perfectly with newer versions of firmware.

The process is the same as with firmware upgrades:
Transfer the file to micro SD card, insert card into vendor, and select Boot 2.35 (for example), then the # key to start the process.

For additional information or further assistance, please Contact AMS.

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